Instant Pot Blender That Can Cook!

Instant Pot has launched a blender which has the ability to cook the food inside the blender’s chamber.

It’s called the Instant Pot Ace Blender


t’s very rare to find a model that can also heat the food you’re blending, meaning people can save a lot of time when making a quick soup or stew, or a sauce to dress up proteins and veggies. In addition to heating capabilities, Instant Pot’s blender has a dual-digital display that shows cooking time and temperatures and since the gadget is made with special tempered glass, it can withstand high temps.

There are eight different settings on Instant Pot’s blender, including speeds for smoothies, purées, crushed ice, soup, and even ice cream. Lovers of plant-based milk will be happy to hear that Instant Pot has also loaded the blender with a few different settings for making almond, nut, rice, soy, and oat milks, and there’s even a cheesecloth included in the box to help strain your DIY milks. Time to say goodbye to immersion blenders, ice cream makers, and juicers—this $99 gadget is going to enable you to do it all with the touch of a button.