5 Success Mantras from the Super Successful Kushagra Nagrath; SVP - F&B at The Phoenix Mills Ltd.

22+ odd years of a professional working life owning more than 12 restaurants, bars & clubs, and opening more than 40 odd projects
— Kushagra Nagrath

1.) Create a culture that is fair to all - guests, owners and employees.

2.) Corporate culture matters. Acknowledge staff; let them know you appreciate their work, ask for feedback so they feel included and offer incentives when you can.

3.) Give your team a chance to shine. Too often talent is wasted in too many corporate layers of approval, insecurities of senior management, etc. Look around – we are not the only one with talent; allow the people running the show to make decisions and to come up with solutions.

4.) Look after your guests, always. It takes great effort to create a culture where the guests come first. Too often managers get caught in their daily clerical duties instead of being focused on what is going on in the restaurant during meal periods. I remember an instance when I was all of 23, a young restaurant manager working at Grand Hyatt, Delhi, when I sent an e-mail to my F&B Manager at 12:45 p.m. His answer was short and to the point: "Why aren't you in the restaurant looking after our guests having lunch?" It was a turning point in my career, and it shaped my future, and many such learnings have helped shape my life.

5.) Finally the most important aspect in the business is to remain relevant. Boredom is the number one enemy in business. Creating different experiences for guests will also keep the team engaged and enthusiastic about you. Why??? Because this industry is so dynamic and the ability to deliver a message, life on insta & social media relevance, ownership changes, ever-changing styles, general public awareness and how quickly one can go up – or down. And then there is always a new kid on the block who is there to gun you down with their offerings. Therefore you got to stay relevant with times, styles, trends and above all invest in yourself and your team to stay ahead of the curve.