Indian chef Amninder Sandhu to battle it out on Netflix’s The Final Table

The Final Table is an elimination style culinary competition that will feature 12 teams of two chefs each from around the world. In each episode, the teams will have to cook the national dishes of the countries the judges hail from. The winner will join the ‘Final Table’ with the judging panel that comprises culinary heavyweights Enrique Olvera, Clare Smyth, Grant Achatz, Helena Rizzo,Vineet Bhatia and Yoshihiro Narisawa. Speaking to Condé Nast Traveller, chef Sandhu talks about the friends she made and the crazy pressure of culinary cook-offs.


Q. Congratulations! You are the only chef from India representing the country on the show. Wasn’t that an immense pressure?

I did feel a great deal of pressure as I did not want to let the country down. I also had the support of a billion people back home which encouraged me to do my best. I have always believed in inspiring young Indian chefs, and I hope I’ve done so by putting myself out there in a global competition like this. Apart from being really happy that I was selected, I was extremely excited that they chose someone who believes in ethnic Indian cuisine to represent the country.

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