Virgilio Martinez, who runs the beloved Lima restaurant Central, has opened Mil, which sits 11,706 feet above sea level


 Chef Virgilio Martinez, who also runs Central, the nine-year-old Lima institution that currently ranks fifth on the closely watched World’s 50 Best Restaurants list,  has just hung out his shingle 11,706 feet above sea level, where the entirety of his street address is “ascending 500 meters from the Archaeological Complex of Moray.” 

Having formed a co-op of sorts with the tiny nearby farming communities of Kacllaraccay and Mullaka’s-Misminay he’s aiming to chronicle and revive ancient local ingredients and food practices that might otherwise be lost to time. Among others in his merry band of preservationists are his wife Pía León, an acclaimed chef in her own right; his sister Malena Martinez, head of the group’s native ingredient-cataloging operation; and Francesco D’Angelo Piaggio, the staff anthropologist and community outreach consigliere.

Courses at Mil are called 'Moments'