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About Pastry Forum

Dreams of MasterChef?

Have you ever dreamt of a sweet life, filled with creaminess and delicious sweetness that comes oozing out from the crevices? Have you ever watched MasterChef with a jealous gleam in your eyes, praying to the higher powers to master the same skill and compete on that same scale? Do you envision opening up a quaint patisserie full of delicious goodness?

Then this message might change your life- The Academy of Pastry Arts brings to you the Pastry Forum, an exclusive set of classes curated for the discerning individuals, willing to up their culinary game.

What does it contain?

Held across all the branches in India- Mumbai, Bangalore and Gurgaon, these classes cater to those who take the art of pastry, seriously. From the decadent art of chocolate making to the modern eggless vegan sessions, this forum covers it all under the guidance of 5 illustrious chefs- Stephane Treand, Marco Lippo, Christophe Morel, Kanjiro Mochizuki and Toni Rodriguez.

The power of 5

These world class mentors are set to bring their own brand of culinary wizardry to equip learners with world-class knowledge. So what are you waiting for? Rush to your nearest centre and embrace the pastry boss within you.