Dacor Modernist Pro Dual-Fuel Steam Range Revolutionizes Steam Cooking


The use of steam is among the healthiest meal preparation methods and often requires less cooking time. During cooking, steam settles on the surface of the food, transferring heat. This process helps raise the inner temperature of vegetables, breads, grains or proteins, and maintains temperature consistency for optimal moisture preservation. When cooking proteins like chicken and fish, steaming pulls out the fat, whereas conventional cooking methods such as grilling, pan frying, or baking seal in the fat. Not only does fat removal lower the caloric content of proteins, but it reduces cholesterol levels as well. Steam cooking also helps retain nutrients such as fiber, antioxidants, and vitamins and maintains color, texture, and flavor in vegetables and other foods. 

“Steam cooking is a great avenue for modern entertainers looking to prepare simple, healthy, and flavorful meals,” said Michael Magnani, Director Product Marketing, Dacor. “Our Pro Dual-Fuel Steam Range truly transforms the way luxury consumers cook, allowing them to utilize steam-roasting and steam-baking to prepare nutrient-packed dishes. From crispier vegetables and more tender proteins to fluffier breads with flaky crusts, steam cooking expands meal preparation options to promote a healthy lifestyle.” 

The Modernist Pro Dual-Fuel Steam Range is designed to inspire the imagination. Steam-roasting, steam-baking, and speed convection innovations allow for superior, faster, and healthier meal preparation while the power of 22K BTU dual-stack sealed brass burners provide optimal range control from a controlled simmer to full-tilt flame. 

The range, which is available in 36- and 48-inch configurations, reflects Dacor’s legacy of TechCraft by fusing radical, relevant innovation with superior craftsmanship, skill, and artistry. A built-in, seven-inch Wi-Fi-enabled LCD touchscreen serves as the entertainer’s control panel. The touch interface allows users to swipe through cooking functions, access pre-programmed settings, and even follow step-by-step recipes. By downloading and using the Dacor Kitchen iQ app for iOS and Android, modern entertainers can even set temperatures and timers and adjust lighting from anywhere on their smartphones. The Pro Dual-Fuel Steam Range also includes Bluetooth auto-connectivity which allows the range to work in concert with the ventilation hood. ConnectOn auto-responsive technology ensures the hood activates when the burners are switched on and adjusts to reflect the intensity of heat. 

For more information on the Modernist Pro Dual-Fuel Steam Range, or to find a dealer, visit Dacor.com.