The Best Professional Chef Knife, ever!

Mac Knife Professional Hollow Edge Chef's Knife, 8-Inch


This is an extremely sharp and well-priced knife that, at six ounces, is pretty lightweight. It handles both tough and delicate slicing beautifully, and cuts with even precision. Even though it's light, it's strong enough to get through tough vegetables—it sliced easily through the sweet potato and cut the onion into thin, even strips with ease. It was also sharp enough to razor through delicate herbs without smashing them. The agile blade is relatively straight and tapers at the end. This means it has a little of the curve reminiscent of a Western knife, but the same sharp hard edge of a Japanese model. The material is also a compromise between German and Japanese knives—it's made of a hard steel like a Japanese knife, but isn't quit as brittle, so it's prone to less chipping.

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