Irish Chef David Joyce Crowned 'Best European Chef for 2018'


Irish chef David Joyce has been named "Best European Chef for 2018". The competition saw seven professional chefs go head to head in Barcelona in an exclusive competition of European chefs. Now in its third year, the European Chefs’ Cup is a gastronomic competition held by catering company Aramark.

The competition brought together culinary talent from Ireland, Germany, the UK, Belgium, Luxembourg, Czech Republic, Denmark and Spain.

Each of the 7 participating chefs had to create a three-course menu from a pre-selected shopping basket. All candidates had four hours to complete and present their dishes. The judging panel included Carlos Fernández, chef from Martin Berasategui’s Team, Luca Rodi, 2015 Top Chef Finalist, and Óscar Teixidó, culinary coordinator at the School of Hospitality, Barcelona (CETT).