The Racist Sandwich - 'listen, connect, share'

Foodies podcast, The Racist Sandwich is all about food, but not in the traditional sense of the word. It is not a recipe broadcast or a new cooking method explained well, its about the people, the backgrounds, the fears, the struggles and most importantly, giving voice to chefs of colour.


We loved episode 3

Kusuma Rao is the proprietor and chef of Ruchikala, where she specializes in Indian-Mexican fusion. She was a delight to talk to — we chatted about pop-ups, being "miscellaneous brown," inclusivity in the food scene, and much more.
Here are just a few highlights from our interview. For the full conversation, listen to Episode Three.

The main force behind the effort is Soleil Ho

Soleil Ho has been working in the restaurant industry for more than a decade, having done everything from waiting tables to washing dishes to working as an executive chef. Somehow, she managed to pursue a career in nonfiction writing, publishing numerous literary essays and running Quaint, a semi-notorious feminist literary magazine.