Saint Honore | Patron saint of bakers and pastry chefs

Saint Honore

Died in 600

Feast day: May 16
Patron saint of bakers and pastry chefs


Long revered by French bakers, St. Honore was a bishop in France in the sixth century. His original connection to baking stems from a story about his childhood nursemaid. When she was told he was named bishop, she said she’d only believe it if the wooden paddle she was using to bake bread grew into a tree. The paddle fell to the ground, grew roots and blossomed into a blackberry tree that supposedly was still revered a thousand years later.

St. Honore’s position as patron saint of bakers was solidified in 1202 when land that a Parisian baker donated to build a church in his honor became the site of the bakers’ guild.  Even today many pastry shops and boulangeries are named after him. In Paris his feast day is celebrated with a three-day festival of bread.

The eponymous Gateau St. Honore, a confection of puff pastry, cream puffs, pastry cream, and caramelized sugar, is traditionally used as a First Communion cake in France.