Korean food-tech firm Woowa Brothers developing delivery robot


Woowa Brothers, a South Korean food-tech firm that runs the popular Baedal Minjok delivery app, is developing a delivery robot that will help staff the expanding food delivery industry.

South Korean food tech firm Woowa Brothers is developing a food delivery robot with the goal to commercialise it within five years.

The robot, called Deli, short for delicious delivery, has been in development since last July with a team at Korea University.

Deli will be exhibited in action at a food mall in the city of Cheonan as early as May. It will deliver food to tables and retrieve finished dishes.

According to Woowa Brothers, its robot project will have three stage of development. The first is to develop a robot, like Deli, that can deliver food in indoor environments. The second is to develop a robot that can deliver food in compound environments with both indoor and outdoor settings, such as apartments.