"Chefs should always study the market and their target audience, then plan the menu, then just stick to it" - Food Blogger & Critic Anand Tiwari


Anand is a food blogger and a very popular one at that. With almost 700 reviews and 35K followers, he is a  verified zomato connoisseur.

www.thechefconnect.com caught up with the ever-traveling Anand and asked him what chefs could do, for him.

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Social media, websites, platforms are now a big source of discovery, and food seems to be right up there.  What according to you are some of the reasons for this?

I feel the biggest reason for this is the ease of discovery and the visual experience that social media gives to its audience. It really helps in igniting a craving for it.

As a blogger are you a critic or a friend of the chef’s?

Well, I'm a critic who admires a chef who is able to deliver and takes the pain to create something magical, it's always hard to prepare something from the scratch, applying shortcuts is easy! One who makes dishes that do justice to its origin and are true in its flavor must be applauded.

What can a chef do to make sure you give a good review?

Very simple, make food do the talking!

Name the chefs you admire?

Gordan Ramsay, whatever he talks and does makes sense; he is blunt and to the point.  He knows food in and out! 

Your favorite ingredient is..

Truffles, shitake mushrooms, xo sauce, fresh basil, parmesan cheese and extra virgin olive oil.

What do you prefer? a chef who cooks or a chef who is out there in the restaurant talking, connecting with guests etc?

For a chef to cook well and improvise it's always important to talk to the customers and get a reality check, it even helps the restaurant with returning customers.

Should chefs worry about a bad review? Food is such a personal thing, tastes vary so much, should a chef stick to what she thinks is the best recipe or tweak it based on feedback?

Taste and preferences are surely subjective and keeping everyone happy may not be possible but if the bad review is by a person who knows what he is taking, it should surely be considered.
Chefs should always study the market and their target audience first and then plan their menu, after that they should stick to it. If the tweaking is on the lines of their broad concept, it's not a bad idea of taking it into consideration.

The most amazing meal you ever had; tell us a little about that

I cannot pinpoint to a particular meal a lot of times chefs have delivered and done justice to the cuisine they have served me. I had a pleasant experience at Clearing House, Poh, Ruka, Runway Project by PizzaExpress and Zolocrust to name a few.

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I’m a critic who admires a chef who is able to deliver and takes the pain to create something magical
— Anand Tiwari