Chef Hermann Grossbichler

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How did it all start? Share your culinary journey with us
It started in my hometown in Austria very early in my life. Everything was prepared at our Farmhouse Kitchen. We did not go to restaurants unless there was something to celebrate. Fruits, vegetables where grown in our own farm, seasonally. The grocery store list was extremely small, only essentials where required. I still remember the aroma of home-grown herbs used for our Austrian country dishes.

Just after I finished school the tourism industry in Austria was starting to flourish and many small summer and winter resorts were established. My love for cooking coupled with the opportunities to become a chef made my choice easy.

What are your earliest memories of the kitchens you worked in?
I was a chef-apprentice in a mountain resort called “Windischgarsten” The resort was packed with tourists from all over Europe. I was blessed to learn early.