"I wanted to create something with my own hands, hence I founded Kaavo Meat" - Kaviraj Thadani, Director - CoolChef / Kaavo Meat

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My favourite ingredient is Pork Shoulder, best meat and fat ratio to work with, very versatile and flavourful.
— Chef Kaviraj Thadani

Kaviraj Thadani is an artisanal chef. He has been creative in the kitchen since the early age of 11. Growing up with parents fanatical about food and travel he was exposed to a world of experimental cuisine and cooking techniques. Realizing his passion and curiosity for food early on led him to study at the prestigious Les Roches International School of Hotel Management, Switzerland.

In 2014 Kaviraj Thadani re-started the Kaavo Meat brand to provide the finest processed and value added meat products to the Indian Market.

Kaavo Meat aims to revolutionize the local meat industry by putting in place controls at every stage of the supply chain. This strategic placement will enable us to provide you with the finest products which have been handled with utmost care from farm to table.

All Kaavo Meat sausages are ‘hand-made’ with ‘natural casings’ making them truly artisanal.We smoke our meats in our ‘brick smokehouse’ using fruitwood logs for a 100% fruit wood smoke. Finally our products are hygienically vacuum packed to retain freshness.

We produce both ‘fresh’ and ‘frozen’ products for your convenience.

Kaavo Meat's strength is that they produce 100% fresh meat and they have a minimum use of additives in all their products.

Kaavo Meat is available on the webiste https://coolchef.in.

The company is located in Worli, Koliwada, Mumbai. For more information about Chef Kaviraj Thadani, call +91 9022886675 or email kaviraj@kaavo.in.


How did it all start? Share your culinary journey with us.

It started at the age of 9 being brought up by food fanatic parents; I was allowed to develop my interest in food by the encouragement of my father. By 11 I was baking cakes, brownies, making chocolates etc.

I attended various kids cooking courses but always found I was much ahead and soon realized I had to experiment on my own. In boarding school I had cooking class which I eventually landed up being an assistant to the teacher more than a student.

After school I went to Les Roches in Switzerland where I studied Hotel Management and learned cooking in a more calculated and technical approach. Coming back to India I worked with the Leela group for a year and realized that I wanted to be more ambitious and started my own restaurant and catering in 2009 which I ran till 2013.

In 2013 I made a new friend in Jehangir Lawyer the Owner of Fortune Gourmet the leading supplier of gourmet food in the country I worked with him for 3 years. Unfortunately my work at fortune Gourmet did not comprise of much culinary creativity and the want to create something with my own hands became apparent.

Hence I founded Kaavo Meat to thrive on the innovation of Local Meat Products in 2015 while still working at Fortune Gourmet but gave that up soon to fully concentrate on Kaavo Meat. Kaavo Meat is more than just a business for me as I have a passion for meat and meat products.

What are your earliest memories of the kitchens you worked in

Working in Geneva at the Movenpick Cendrier, i was part of the production team along with a senior chef, eventually he taught me all I needed to know and I was running the whole production on my own. I showed them that I could take charge and responsibility for the work given to me.

What advice would you give to a young culinary student? Work in the kitchens or start an entrepreneurial journey?

For a culinary student create a balance between practical and theoretical knowledge. Be ready to work for the first 5 years of your career for experience as no one is going to teach you and pay you a hefty salary, I believe this holds true for all professions.

Your favourite ingredient is…

Pork Shoulder, best meat and fat ratio to work with, very versatile and flavourful.

Name chefs you find amazing or chefs work you admire

I’m not one to imitate any chef but there are few who I respect to the their contribution to the culinary world like Ferran Adria and David Chang for being innovators and The Late Anthony Bourdain for is revolutionary approach to culinary Journalism.

What books should every chef read?

I am currently obsessed with the subject of how food affects us emotionally, as with any other form of art when we are able to appeal to a person’s emotions it creates value. I am currently reading Eat Up: Food, Appetite and Eating What You Want by Ruby Tandoh which delves on this subject. Personally I am considering writing about my own experiences with food maybe sometime in the future.