"My fav ingredient is Dry Fenugreek Leaves (Kasoori Methi), the aroma is so powerful that it becomes one’s addiction' - Kunal Gautam, Head Chef/Executive Chef at Premier Inn Hotel, Doha

A delicacy of Bihar made by my mother called DAL-PITHA (a kind of whole wheat hand made Pasta, cooked in Red Lentil then tempered with Ghee, Cumin seeds, Garlic & Whole Red Chilli Served with Roasted Mashed Potato & Brinjal (CHOKHA)).
— Chef Kunal Gautam, when asked about a dish that he loves

What according to you does it take to become a successful chef?

A lot of hard work, patience and eagerness to learn and last but not the least your timely dedication.

What advice would you give to a young culinary student?

That there is no SHORTCUT to any Success, keep doing your best.

What instruments equipment devices you cannot imagine working without?

There will be huge list but Mortar & Pestle, I always love to have in my kitchen.

Your Favorite ingredient is....

Dry Fenugreek Leaves (Kasoori Methi) the aroma is so powerful that it becomes one’s addiction.

Name chefs you find amazing or chefs work you admire

Chef Vikas Khanna & Chef Nimish Bhatia are one of my inspiration & really admire the work they have contributed towards Culinary.

What books should every chef read?

Theory of Cookery, will be my advice and Larousse is my all time favourite.

How did it all start? Share your culinary journey with us

I belong to a Big Joint family from Bihar where I learnt the basic nuances from my Mother & Sisters, though they never allowed me to enter in Kitchen, but I still got interested. Then I did my Hotel management from IHM, Hyderabad in 2008. Then started working as a Management Trainee with IHG group, New Delhi which became Lalit where I worked around 3-4 Years, then moved to Taj Ahmedabad then with Crowne Plaza Pre-opening in Ahmedabad, then came to Dubai with Starwood and worked around 2 and half years, then again moved back to India with Marriott Ahmedabad after that currently working as an Cluster Executive Sous Chef with Flora Hospitality, Dubai.

What are your earliest memories of the kitchens you worked in

I still remember when I started my career and I was crazy about cricket & bollywood and was not much aware that one day I will be cooking food for them and will meet and ask their food preferences, so it boosted my moral immediately and started loving my job more, when met my childhood heroes.

A dish your patrons/guest love

When I was in Ahmedabad Marriott guests loved DAL-BATTI a Rajasthani delicacy, then I did Awadhi-Magadhi Festival where I included LITTI-CHOKHA a Bihari delicacy and explained my guest to try that and then they all loved it and really enjoyed it.