Simply put, Ahoy Chef! was created to provide a platform for chefs to interact. To bring them under one roof - a space that they could call their own surrounded by people who cook and for people who love food! What initially started off as an idea for a live chef event metamorphosed to the virtual world and was born! 

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Carnival Support Services India (CSSI) - India's largest cruise ship manning company knows a thing or two about chefs, after all we recruit close to 700 chefs across all levels in a year. Chefs form the bedrock of any culinary operation and when it comes to our fabulous cruise ships, our chefs are constantly delivering outstanding guest experiences, day after day. Through this website, we hope that chefs - both established and budding, will network, exchange ideas, recipes, food stories, ingredients and everything in between which says food! Stay abreast with the most up-to-date happenings in the culinary world. Read our interviews with chefs and hone your skills with the latest trends and techniques, chefs world over are utilizing to their advantage. 

Our chefs are source of our  pride and joy. To them, CSSI is thrilled to dedicate Ahoy Chef!

Bon Appetit! 

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